How to improve Call quality

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Today’s tech means we’re always connected — when our connections actually work the way they should. We at LiveSAFE believe strongly that you should use your devices where there is a healthy connect. You should be at a safe distance from your communication enabler, like Cell Tower or Wi-Fi router, as well as have

Eight Steps to use Mobile Phones Safely

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Smartphone’s and mobile devices are inevitable part of our daily life. According to statistics, there are 5 billion mobile subscribers in the world. It shows majority of the world population owns a smart phone or any kind of mobile devices. LiveSAFE can work with you to help use your Mobile phone safely and in

What are the highest radiating Cell Phones

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We at LiveSAFE believe that SAR rating of your phone needs to be a critical aspect in your decision to buy a new smart phone. It is especially important if you are buying the device for your children or an expectant mother. Most cell phone manufacturers mention the radiation on your Cell phone that

What Is Radiation Sickness

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Radiation sickness happens when a large dose of high-energy radiation goes through your body and reaches your internal organs. It takes far more than what you might get from any medical treatment to cause it. Doctors named the illness, which is technically known as acute radiation syndrome, after the atomic bombings that ended World War II.

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