A safe and radiation-free home is a place where you and your loved ones can relax and retreat after a busy day. Our lives are dependent on various wireless devices, which emit high levels of EMR. Our LiveSAFE™radiation protection solutions are designed to protect you and your families from carcinogenic electromagnetic radiation.

LiveSAFE™ Service for


LiveSAFE™ radiation protection solutions

are designed to protect
you and your families from
carcinogenic electromagnetic radiation

Our lives are dependent on countless wireless devices, which emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Cellphones, WiFi routers, laptops, and microwave ovens are a few common sources of EMR in our homes. Sustained exposure to EMR may cause health risks such as headaches, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, neck pain, tremors, nausea, and lowered immunity. In extreme cases, this may lead to autism spectrum disorder in kids, increased risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in ageing people, sleep disorders, cancers, and many more.

At LiveSAFE, we believe there is no better place than a safe and radiation-free home where you and your loved ones can unwind every day. We want to help people who want to consciously live healthier and happier lives by making the right lifestyle choices. As a part of this ongoing commitment, we have conducted EMR audits in over 2000 homes across the country. We take pride in our achievement of being able to reduce health risks and aforementioned symptoms considerably through our holistic approach of extensive radiation study and effective proprietary EMR solutions.

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Our clients speak about us

MR. ARVIND JAIN Lawyer, Bangalore

I’ve seen dramatic improvement in the health of all people in my house after installing LiveSAFE. My children fall ill less often. I sleep peacefully throughout the night!

MR. PRUTHVI BANWASI Director, Roots Educational Centre, Bangalore

Children’s well-being is our primary concern. The LiveSAFE™ personnel came to our premises, took the readings in a very professional and orderly manner. They explained Cell Tower Radiation clearly to us and advised that the school was safe for our children and no installation work was necessary! It was refreshing to see such sincere people who share our passion for the well-being of children. Thank you LiveSAFE™ for also educating us! Thank you from all the Children too!

MR. PAWAN PAGARIA Charted Accountant, Bangalore

I feel much more relaxed sitting in the office everyday. I used get very restless after about an hour in the office. The entire office feels more fresh at the end of each day. There are less people falling ill.

MR. APURVA NANAVATI Director, Nanavati Hopitals, Mumbai

I have installed the anti radiation film as specially treated for the same on my office windows by LiveSafe team , I would say as the job done by them is perfect and neat. Team did a good job … I would request at least twice a year one of your representative should come with measuring meter to check on the radiation levels. Thank you.

MR. INDRAJIT KEMBHAVI Architect, Bangalore

Its imperative that buildings are healthy and non toxic. At KAF we mandate that Communication design and requirement analysis is an integral part of community design for contemporary office, residential & institutional buildings. LiveSafe have demonstrated keen expertise of communication requirements for communities, and, offer viable solutions for management of exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation. We feel their design and solutions should be part of all design requirements for Offices and Homes.

D P NAGARAJ Joint Secretary, Rashtreeya Shikshana Samiti Trust, Bangalore

We have been associated with LiveSafe from 2016. We have found their electromagnetic Radiation management services to be professional, technically accurate and highly responsible. We appreciate their passion for children`s safety and recommend all Educational Institutions to avail their services.

S. K. VENKATARAMAN Chief Strategy Officer, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise, Chennai

I had LiveSafe perform the audits and do the installations in multiple locations, at home and work. I am happy with their work, professionalism and knowledge of the Cell Tower Radiation problem.

K PURUSHOTHAMA ADIGA CEO/CFO, Dhammanagi Developers, Bengaluru

LiveSafe have been associated with Dhammanagi Developers and Rotary Bangalore South East. They have always provided us with high quality, accurate information for Electromagnetic Radiation Management. The solutions they have implemented for us have been very good.

LiveSAFE™ Service Flow


An expert-led assessment of your space to identify the source and evaluate areas of high and low EMR Exposure.


A detailed report comprising electromagnetic radiation readings and analysis is offered for your consideration along with effective solutions.


The recommended installations are made by trained LiveSAFE™ technicians, without affecting aesthetics or connectivity.


An EMR evaluation is done by the experts to check the radiation levels post-installation.


LiveSAFE™ Secure

Regular assessments are conducted in growing organisations to assure a radiation-free office environment.

LiveSAFE™ EMF Protection Products

LS Coating

Patented* coating reduces EMR by up to 99%​

Specially Treated Film

Reduces EMR up to 99.9% and blocks up to 99% UV radiation

Specially Treated Mesh

Up to 99.999% attenuation and aesthetically appealing

Case Studies & Readings

Case Study – 1, Padmanabhanagar
Case Study – 1, Padmanabhanagar Before After Date: 10th July 2021 Time: 05:00 PM Location: Padmanabhanagar Date:...
EM Radiation reduction
Case Study 1-Basavanagudi, 3rd floor Before After Date: 27th October 2016 Time: 02:00 PM Location:...
EM Radiation reduction
Case Study 1-Basavanagudi, 2nd floor Before After Date: 27th October 2016 Time: 02:00 PM Location:...

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